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Financial Security vs Passion

  It seems the more we try to make life about the pursuit of money, the more the humiliation of tossing and turning around at night while trying to figure out how to pay bills and rent, battling unemployment and being excoriated by the world. To survive we have to work hard and afterwards too… Continue reading Financial Security vs Passion

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Coffee Success Stories #1 : Hudson Wachira

by Wambugu In 2004 , Hudson Wachira walked into Kangocho Coffee Factory to start off as a casual labourer. He had little knowledge of coffee farming , processing or production.14 years later , he is now an accomplished coffee farmer who harvests well over 1000 kilograms from his farm. He confesses to having to learn… Continue reading Coffee Success Stories #1 : Hudson Wachira


Let us do away with our political class

  As elections draw closer there is always heightened activity among aspirants for various seats to lure voters. We, the people, should realize, and past experience has shown us, that politicians will not do anything for the common man yet we are all enamored and engrossed over their actions. Let’s just ignore them can’t we?… Continue reading Let us do away with our political class


In the hiatus

  It is pure serendipity That we  continue to refine the life moments we share. We stutter. We stumble down. We conk out. We gnash in despair and despondency. But we rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. For great tidings await Fortunes and blessings cushioned for us shall materialize. The greatest thing i have… Continue reading In the hiatus


Why phone numbers exchanged don’t necessarily amount to networks built

  By Samuel Kilonzo As a curious student of life I am always reflecting on what works and what doesn't. What can be changed and to what degree that change should be effected, is it incrementally or revolutionary change! Something has always bothered me though, why does it seem like some people get some things… Continue reading Why phone numbers exchanged don’t necessarily amount to networks built

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Joshua Muthoka – A budding barista

    If you walk into The Zumpini ,  a downtown restaurant famed for it's coffee on a week day evening you will bump into Joshua Muthoka elatedly preparing and serving coffee to customers.   Joshua is a barista extern under the Creative Connekt Externship Project that is coordinated by Mr Sam Kairu , a… Continue reading Joshua Muthoka – A budding barista


What writing did to him

He realized that he had developed what psychologists would refer to as "emotional  dissociation"/"emotional depersonalization"/"emotional numbing".He gradually developed the inability to connect with people emotionally typically for social.personal or other reasons.While  it might have helped him maintain boundaries with himself and avoid undesired impact by others or upon others and also helped him maintain his… Continue reading What writing did to him