The United States Of America go to the polls in November 2016 to elect it’s 45th President.There has been political drama TV shows that have been adapted to depict the happenings around the Oval Office Politics.

Scandal Cast

Scandal which is in it’s fifth season has it’s plot revolving around the succession of disgraced Fitzgerald Grant III (Fitz) who is leaving office with a tainted legacy having been scandalously entangled in infidelity with Olivia Carolyn Pope,a former White House Director Of Communications and his Campaign Manager.It is this mussy ordeal that leads to his fall out and eventual divorce with his wife and First Lady Melody Grant.She is presently a Senator and is running for POTUS on a republican ticket.

We can draw parallels to President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinskey who was a White House Intern during Bill’s Second Term.It is interesting to note the parallels used in both contexts.Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is running for POTUS.She is a former Senator for NY,a first lady and a former Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.She is a trained lawyer,and so is Senator Melly Grant.

President Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood Of House Of Cards

In House Of Cards whose fourth season heavily borrows from the same context Claire Underwood,the first lady is picked by her husband President Frank Underwood to be her running mate.A highlight of her tenure as a first lady depicts her position on health policy,which was also pivotal achievement of Mrs Clinton when she was First Lady.Claire also serves as United States Ambassador to the UN.This can be directly linked to Clinton’s tenure as Secretary Of State. The political dramas of USA capture the imagination of every viewer globally.In fact,The accolades that Scandal and House Of Cards have attracted are placeable.What they gross in terms of revenue is immensely awesome.It’s actors and actresses have at times overshadowed the real happenings on the ground.President Underwood gained admiration through it’s screen act by Kevin Spacey.

My concern shifts to Kenya.Can our screens posture such?Save for the wussy attempt of a ‘ Drama that aired on Zuku dubbed ‘State House’,Wanuri Kahiu and Rebecca Chandler of Zawali Entertainment couldn’t get to match Beau Willmon the creator of House Of Cards and Shonda Rhimes,Betty Beer and Mark Wilding of Scandal or Robert and Michelle King of The Good Wife.

State House
Jimmy Gathu and fellow cast in ”State House”

Jimmy Gathu as President was a poor choice.Chichi Seii and Hellen Keli didn’t disappoint though. The Good Wife follows a similar script which focuses on Alicia Florick and Peter Florick,a former Cook County’s Illnois Attorney who is caught up in a corruption and sex scandal.

The Florecks in ‘The Good Wife’

Alicia,like Hillary is a trained lawyer. As we approach 2017 it is time the Kenyan Movie Industry thought of something that will highlight the intrigues of Kenyan Politics and spice it up in a way that will create a seeth.Kenyans are waiting.

David Tosh Gitonga,the director of Nairobi Half Life,a 2012 film that even got nominated for the 85th Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Oscar Category can do something about it.Joseph Wairimu the main actor, won the Best Actor Award in the 33rd Dublin International Film Festival.The film won the most awards at Africa Magic Viewers Choice in Awards in 2014.

Billy Kahora,Potash Mathathia,Serah Mwihaki,Ginger Wilson,Tom Tywker and Sarika Hemi our eyes are on you.Give us something.A Kenyan Political TV Drama Series is what we all yearn for at this point.Can these Political Drama TV shows gain ground in Kenya?


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