Movie Review:Suits Season 5 Part 2


In a tragical ceasing of Season 5,Michael James Ross [Mike]the youngest partner at Pearson-Specter-Litt Law Firm finally turns himself in for a 2 year prison sentence so that none of the partners at his firm will be entangled into his kettle of fish.It was a real biter for me as I watched him walk past the prison gates in Episode 16 {‘The 25th Hour’}

Suits Cast

The sophistication and character development of this Part 2 kept me on the edge of my seat.The  shenanigans around Mike’s Secret of lacking a Law Degree coming to light exposes the vulnerability of Harvey Reginald Specter and fellow managing partners,Jessica Lourdes Pearson and Louis Marlowe Litt.
The pertinacity of Anita Gibbs,the prosecutor who is putting Mike on trial for fraud with the ultimate aim of getting Mike to turn on Harvey in order to save himself is the highlight of the Part 2.

The survival of Jessica’s Firm is downbound.Mike’s Scandal has uncloaked the position of the firm as being out on a limb.The backwash of Mike’s capitulation will obviously make Season 6 a high-octane season.

The tumbling of Mike and Rachel Elizabeth Zane’s wedding is a definitive augury of their now rocky relationship with Mike now serving time. The skeleton firm is now rickety after a massive pull out of its employees and clients and a low number of Harvard Law applicants.

Jack Solof,in tidbits,appears to be blowing hot and cold about resigning and his alternate stark plan of a hostile take over of the firm.

Mike’s punishment,however,for his offense is a slap on the wrist considering that it is rambled by most of the associations he ruined that his secret is the causal agent of Harvey’s break up with Dana “Scottie” Scott,Jessica’s break up with Jeff Malone and Louis’s break up with Sheila Sazs.

Sheila giving away Mike’s secret via an anonymous email tip is attributed to Mike’s woes in Part 2.Trevor Evans testifying against his old buddy and Katrina Bennett recording his former boss’s confession is a testament of the depth of perfidy that has encroached upon the characters in Suits.

Suits which was renewed for a sixth season on July,1 2015 will definitely be a must watch when it returns next summer on June 29,2016.Suits Creator Aaron Kush is incontestably a motion picture maven


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