“What is on the other side of the horse barn?”

“I can see the doorway and the evanescing moonlight”

“I am afraid of the dark.”

“You mean scotophobia?”

“You know I am not a fan of your big vocabulary”

I chuckle and slide my fingers through hers.Njeri loves it when I goofily futz with her wrist.She always has a way of making my mind burst into odd bits of mushiness.I am always a hopeless romantic around her. We take the air through the grassy floor board.We possess an odd telepathy at that instance.She can tell what I am thinking amidst the spooky silence.Humility lurks in her milky eyes.Her blistering beauty has a special place in my heart. As we stroll to the doorway,she holds my arm.I halt to face her.She is a soft-spoken angel with a heart of emerald and nerves of steel.At that instance,she renders every nerve in my being afire.My misfiring brain slides into momentary paralysis in protest of my body’s reluctance to execute its impulses.

“Will you kiss me?”she querried.


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