A 6 year old daughter.A large,imposing house.A pet kitty.A freight firm.An adulterous wife.What more could i desire in this life of contradictions?

They had containerized my cargo.And the freight station had phoned me on the particulars.The P.I i had hired a week ago was on dial:

“Sir,i got everything you asked for?”

“That fast?It’s barely 5 days.”

“Sir,that’s how competent i am.”

“Well,when can we meet?”

“In the next hour.My residence.”

“Alright.See you then.”


Janet came home looking run down,as usual.What she didn’t know was that it was the day her troubles would deepen.Ann,our daughter was taciturnly wiping out her pasta.

“Janet,have i ever told you about Suzanne Finnamore and her words in Split:A Memoir of Divorce?”

“Not really!Why would you even ask me that?”

“She said that silence has an actual sound.The sound of disappearance.”

She bumbled after my responce.Then i reached for the envelope i had placed next to the table lamp.

“Look at those documents carefully.That’s your exit package.”

“What do you mean by ‘exit package’?”

“I am annulling this matrimony.You will have 7 working days to respond to the issues therein.”

Janet was in a daze.It came as a total surprisal how a man who had stroked her beautiful thighs for close to a decade and bedecked their companionship with a daughter could emphatically get to that point of making her a divorcee at 29.


From an unseen kerb,i had stepped into a different life the moment i took Ann away from her mother.From the brittle emotion of watching an innocent girl being at the heart of a mussy separation of her guardians to the hysteric melodrame of my ex-wife during the depositions that extended throughout the case. Looking at Anne and whispering Kendrick Lamar’s words into her tiny ears “We gon’ be alright” was like squashing water.Tactless.


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