In the name of Hindu’s Bhaghavan

In the name of Urdu’s Koda

In the name of Judaism’s Yehova

In the name of Sikh’s Akal Purakh.

In the name of Mary Magdalene’s Rabboni

In the name of Islam’s Isa


I yearn for tranquility

Life without danger

Living without troubles

A universe with no epidemics

A dustless earth with no bad and evil

A wider multicultural society


Where you and I can walk in self-motivation

Where you and I never wear out of loving each other

Where you and I live without knowledge of pain,poverty and death


In the absence of suffering

We will sleep,eat and procreate

With the optimism of no accidents

No human extinction

No collapse of industrial civilization

With equality of sexes

Exempt of suffrage

With gender independence and freedom from partriachy

We will live in perfect happiness that is pleasant to the sight

Ours is a perfect love that casts out fear

That holds hope and contentment

A love that looks like the best dream


When i tell you i love you

I am saying that i care about you

I am saying that you are wonderful and rare

I am saying that we are like Marceline van Futh and Mpho Tutu

I am saying that we share the same eyes

I am saying that you are my day and light


I will take you to Marrakech in Morocco

Where we will inscribe our names in the alleyway walls of the historic Medina

And take in the beauty of Jardin Majorelle

And to the Robben Islands of Azania

Whose prison walls held Iconic Rohlihlahla Mandela for 27 years

And to the picture-perfect Blaauwberg Beach where we will chase our shadows in the sweeping sea sand

And to the car-free village of Zermatt in Switzerland

And try horse-drawn cabs in their winding alleys

And to the Statue of Zeu in Olympia

And to the Itaipu Dam in Parana River in Paraguay


It’s our utopian affection

It’s our little heaven Just you and I


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