In neatly-tucked black tresses,a white classic,above-the-knee silky dress with a black linear embellishments,silvery earrings ,blackish suede leather flat high heels and pinkish nail cuticle extract,she looked breathtaking and fantabulous.
She had opted that they diverge from the normal dating script.They would alfresco in the woodland,which was tranquil and becalm.

He fitted into his achromatous greyish suit,snowy shirt,pink tie and dark shoes.He admired himself at the dresser’s mirror and he thought,’I look majestic’.His fashionability was what struck her the first time they had met,at the mall queue when he was shopping for apparels.He winked at her and she reddened,a wry smile exposing her crimsonness.

He paid her shopping bill and they walked out of the mall together.A little chit-chat and they exchanged their cell numbers so that they would keep in contact.They had become quite close in the past weeks.Their acquaintanceship had blossomed into a spectacular companionship.And they thought that it was time to take it a notch higher-be an item.He had thought they complimented each other in many ways.They both had light-skinned complexion.They both loved the picnicking.


He had forgotten to delete his ex-flame’s photos on his cell phone.When they were making way through the woodland to find a suitable spot for their picnic date,she requested for his phone so that she could take photos of the birds.She was a fan of ornithology.She liked studying the birds as a pastime.She accidentally saw his ex-girlfriend’s photographs in his gallery and a tilt ensued.

“I forgot to delete them.I am so sorry,Babe”

She was now irked and worked up.She glowered and stood still,supporting herself with the tree bole.They ended up sitting down on the ground back to back,in muteness.She felt deceived.And he felt mortified for that.He didn’t know how to make her understand that he adored her intensely.


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