Evans Gikunda,was until scandalous WhatsApp screenshots of his sexual exploits were leaked on Twitter last week,a Web and Innovation Manager at Radio Africa Group according to his LinkedIn Profile.According to information on his personal site; he is a software developer at TrINC Media Limited Company. @Elixir,the tweep who leaked their private chats,claims that the womanizer owes me him money.

Elixir went against “The Golden Bro rule” that ‘everyone knows, Bros over hoes. This rule may be seasoned to taste by the bros themselves. Example; Bros over hoes except at the close. This rule of the bro code is what sets the male gender apart from the female gender.

It is the very essence of the bro code, and embodies the true awesomeness that is bro love.’ Barney Stinson in the first rule of the Bro Code Rules stated: You must always have your bro’s back. No exceptions.’

Elixir seems to have bypassed that basic tenet of the Bro Code. From the WhatsApp and SMS Screenshots leaked,it was evident that Elixir was amongst the Gikunda’s inner circle of confidants.He had been entrusted by Evans   with sensitive information of his sex life.

Evans Gikunda


Elixir comes of as a vindictive, Janus-faced bitch ass nigga.He is the kind of friend you wouldn’t want to have. The issues of monetary debts between gentlemen can always be settled in more civil ways.Martin Lewis, Founder and Editor of notes that “debt isn’t just a finance issue. It feeds into all elements of your life. So solutions are wide and varied; from cutting interest costs, budgeting, or simply getting free one-on-one debt help.”

The debt crisis Evans is trapped in seems to have spilled into his personal life.Elixir and Evans hadn’t exhausted the many available options of debt recovery that Elixir had to resort to besmirching his buddy.Gikunda may be a philanderer,but Elixir chose to use that weakness of his personality against him on social media,thereby destroying his career and possibly his life, in a flash.

It is time we all re-evaluated our inner circle of confidants.Do a social pruning of the double-faced elements in your life.Thomas Aquinas says: “ There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship’’ It is in deed a wake up call for us all to be very careful with the kind of information we share with other folks in our private capacities.


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