by Lilian Cherotich Misoi

In arms the strode into the bar,
I look up and see the purity of love,
Their pure longing oozes all over,
He is her king and she, his dove,

The genuineness in his touch,
The gentleness in her smile,
The aura of fresh love too much,
To strong it lingers for a while,

He pulls up her chair,
As she draws off her winter coat,
As he toys with her hair,
She floats in this love boat,

Like a scene from a movie,
They whisper and hold hands,
As in they just escaped juvie,
No time to waste on bands,

The music mocked them raw ,
Various hits ridiculed their bliss,
But there was nothing they saw,
Nothing, for not a thing was a miss

The purity of their joy,
Caused ripples amongst the rest,
Some cursed others were coy,
But not willing to put love to test.

Lilian Cherotich Misoi ~A Lyrical Poet and Business School Graduate from Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology

Lilian Misoi pens at  http://www.cherotichmisoy.wordpress.com



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