The Cats Of Ulthar by H.P. Lovecraft (Short Story Review)

In this 1920 tale the unlawful killing of cats is happening in Ulthar. This is the favorite pastime of an old couple with the penchant of slaying Ultharian Cats. It happens that as sojourners were making their way through, the kitten of an orphan christened Menes gets lost. Menes offers a prayer to the local felines’ to storm into the couple’s home and destroy them when he receives the news of their actions on cats. Local politicians craft and pass a law that makes killing of cats illegal after this incident.I agree with Menes’ action that results to ironic justice in a bid to remedy Dark Wonder’s cat disappearance.


The villagers are seemingly very afraid of confronting this couple over their heinous act of murdering cats.When the little boy discovered the disappearance of the cat, he was infuriated to an extent that the villagers were afraid of him.Overally, the villagers were all full of fear on what would be the aftermath after the old couple’s fate when the Menes prayed.

The animal abuse in this instance is the killing of cats which forms the gist of the story. The old cotter and his wife trap their neighbors’ cats before killing them.This in turn instills some degree of fear in the neighbors that they opt to keep their cats out of reach.This old couple’s cat killing spree is obviously unjustifiable, malicious and forthright uncouth.Mendes’ kitten disappearance becomes the hallmark of this couple’s indignation of innocent domesticated animals.

Book Cover 
This aged couple that lived in the Oaklands didn’t subject cats to such cruelty for the hang of it.It is their weird link to spellcraft that dragged them to this path.
When Menes’cat disappears and he stretches his arms to the skies in prayer chanting in strange tongues,the cloud form some mystic shapes like those of the caravan men.Atal lays claim that he saw all the cats that had been killed by the couple in their backyard.They were all back,looking fat and well fed.And the old couple was dead and their cottage lighting gone.If this isn’t the height of spellcraft, then I don’t know what is.
There existed not rules and regulations in Ulthar on handling of cats.Not until the old couple mercilessly killed their neighbor’s cats and the authorities had had a hang of it and decided to make it illegal to slay cats in that town.


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