​It’s the  3rd Of July 2016.Its the 185th Day of 2016 (2016 is a LEAP year according to the Gregorian calendar).So we have 181 days to the close of 2016.

On a day like today,45 years ago, Julian Paul Assange  _ the editor-in-chief of “ Wikileaks ”  was born. He is an Australian Computer Programmer, Publisher and Journalist.

Paul studied programming, mathematics and physics at Central Queensland University and University and Melbourne but never completed his degree. He started hacking when he was 16 under the code names “Trax”, ‘Prime Suspect” and “Mendax” .During this time, he created a hacking group which he christened “International Subversives”. He hacked into the Pentagon, The US Department Of Defence, MILNET, The US Navy, NASA, Citibank. Lockheed Martin. Panasonic, Xerox, Australian National Library, La Trobe University, Stanford University’s RSI International ,Motorola and Australia’s Overseas Telecommmunication  Commision.

He is ill-famed for Worms Against Nuclear Killers hack at NASA in 1989 and to the 2007-2010 journalistic leaks known as “Wikileaks” which released millions of controversial secret documents and news items that left the global  media clamoring for it’s attention for years on end. Thousands of logs of decrypted top secret data was channeled through their sites. In an uncensored style of releasing sensitive information, they mass leaked information. It became one of the most notable happenings of the 21st Century information history.

In 1994 he was charged with 31 counts of hacking and related crimes. He pleaded guilty to 25 of the charges and was released on a light penalty of A $2,100 and good behavior bond. The Australian court ruled that on the basis of ‘absence of malicious or mercenary intent’ and his ‘disrupted childhood’.

After 1994,he co-authored Transmission Control Protocol, assisted the Victorian Police Child Exploitation Unit with technical advice that led to several prosecutions of criminals. He also was involved in starting one of the first public ISPs in Australia (Suburbia PAN).He also wrote on ethical hacking. He was awarded with the 2010 Sam Adams Award in October of that year and the Le Monde Reader’s Choice Award Of Person Of The Year in December  2010. He was the TIME Overall Person Of The Year Award runner-up. He won the Sydney Gold Medal for Peace with Justice in February 2015 which had previously been awarded to ONLY 3 people _Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama and Daisaku Ikeda. He also bagged the Amnesty International UK Media Award in 2009, Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism in September 2015.

No doubt Julian has an array of accolades, publications, film productions, essays and papers to his name in the field of Investigative Journalism and Information Technology. He is a subverter of conventional status quo and a contributor to disruptive technological advances who has attracted admiration and condemnation from various quarters globally, in equal measure. While some may are baying for his blood, others celebrate him.

July is going to be an INTERESTING month full of promise. Despite the incidences of road carnages that have claimed several lives in the past 48 hours,(May the souls of the departed rest peacefully) ,I believe that good things will happen in the next 27 days. The UEFA Euro Championship is coming to an end in the next few days.

Irvin Randle, the 54 year old hunk who is breaking the internet with photographs of his swank and habitus is a testament that good life is all about realizing how blessed you are with what you have. It’s all about challenging oneself to living the rest of their life making the best of it.

Spare a moment to read the following piece by my good friend, Mark Maina:


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