There are days i sit staring into empty space.Pondering over the hollowness in my heart.All i see is the terrible darkness that is my life.The numbing fears and the arrant distress that have beset my days.I have wounds that are a reminder of the anguish of life.I have jettisoned my ambitions.Violent storms have rocked my boat.I have been battling anxieties of life.I am subdued by poverty of the soul.


I am encrusted by incertitude.I am crowned with inner vexations.I know you say i don’t deserve you because i am trodden by the pitilessness of Mother Earth.I have seen you laugh off my incapacities contrasting it with your privileged,swish lifestyle.That my days unlike the eclat you possess makes for an item of ridicule.

You forget so quickly the kismet of the future.You forget that the throne will be mine for the taking.Your subterfuge deludes you that i will always been in want.You can’t imagine that i will not always swoon in shame and disgrace.
What you don’t know yet is that i wear my disquiets as a badge of honor.I will beacon with grace and success some day.I will bestride the surface of earth like the world-beater i will be.I will wine and dine with royalty.I will be a medalist.A magnate.A monarch.
Today,i am a mere paper pusher as you sip Chateau Margaux in the executive bar.With ethereal,determination i will own a more pricey yacht than “The Rising Sun”.

I have the stab of valor.I have the exuberance of a marine mammal.


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