There has been helluva lot a drama on ex-flames in social media the past two days.A case of love gone awry.The result? Bloodshed.Death.Grief.
See,love is thing complex emotion that can drag with it cataclysms that are unforeseeable.We invest too much in an emotion that really makes little or no sense.

There are days,one would say,”I LOVE YOU,” and you would twitch in excitement.Well,those days are long gone.Nowadays,i doubt those three ‘magical’ words mean anything anymore.Love is a nullity.An emotional baggage.

So there this query that is usually posed and i cringe.

“Are you dating?”
The reason some of us stopped believing in that vanity of romantic overtures is because it’s a vicious cycle.The Generation Y younglings will tell ya something like “I have 10 exes”.

I think these 21st Century relationships are a load of bunkum.
So when i heard of that army man who had jabbed her ex-flame with a pocket knife for leaving him for another dude,my heart sank.Crimes of passion are things i just don’t get.If it isn’t working anymore,why not just move with your life in peace.

Why the hell would you invest so much in a relationship ?I have always thought that it should be a case of one foot in,and the other out.In case shit hit the fans,you will be ready for the consequences- emotionally,physically and psychologically.

The other day,a buddy of mine had fallen for this sexy mama they had met in an event.So they started going steady.The boy was in love.One morning,he woke up and found the lady had changed her WhatsApp profile picture and put another guy’s photo as a ‘DP'( Whatever that means) and put her status as ‘I heart my man’.The guy was raging.He felt hollow.So all along the lady was ‘multitasking’ (Haha!This is what social sciences tell us that women are good in MULTITASKING.)So,my boy had been relegated to a side nigga without his knowledge.Haha!

So when he called me cursing this lady for ‘betraying’ his love for her,i ended up not being a shoulder to cry on.I laughed at him and told him to go get some whisky to drown his sorrows.Well,after that he still kept telling me how he felt ‘hurt’ and that he couldn’t move on.That’s the problem with puppy love.You rarely take control of yourself or the situation.The boy has been missing lectures and jamming the lady’s phone with sweet nothing apologies and begging her to reconsider.Well,i don’t know what goes on in the brains of such jilted folks who are in denial that they have been replaced.

He kept on asking what it is that he could have done wrong.Hehe!Oh Boy!Okay,i ‘ll stop there.This post wasn’t about my buddy and his imbecillity.
I have no problem with people letting feelings getting the better of them.Just be intelligent enough to not let them over ride your thinking.Channel your energies to stuff that matter more.Love lost is just that.Lost.Don’t bother going back for it.You are better off moving in the right direction.There is always trouble in the ex-factor.


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