The Janus-faced Dr Ben Carson



We all grew up loving Dr.Benjamin Solomon Carson the retired neurosurgeon of St Johns Hopkins Hospital.He has ten titles to his name-the most common being THINKING BIG, THE BIG PICTURE and GIFTED HANDS.He has 12 awards and honors,including the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian award in the USA) awarded to him in 2008 by President Barack Hussein Obama, all earned through out his medical career alongside 60 honorary doctorate degrees from reputable institutions globally.He has published over 100 neurosurgical journals.

He performed the first successful separation of Siamese Twins and another on Craniopagnus Twins.Between 1987 and 2013 he had a stellar career in medicine (neurosurgery) which saw him being an inspiration to many,especially the minority communities in America.The message was on the wall- You could be anything you wanted to be.When he made the announcement that he would be running for POTUS on May 4 2015,i thought that his entry into the race on a Republican ticket was a faux pas.He was unsuccessful in clinching the nomination.On March 2 (Super Tuesday) this year,he suspended his campaign.A week later,he endorsed Businessman Donald John Trump for the ticket.

Today,i had a peek at his Facebook Page and the Ben we knew is all gone.His entry into elective politics has had him degenerate into a man you would never think would stoop low into name-calling and using expletives on fellow presidential candidates.
Since he joined the POTUS Race his rhetoric and speeches became what VP Joe Biden in his DNC 2016 Speech referred to as a “bunch of malarkey” often fumbling about many issues,including the claim of his ancestry.At this point,i realized as my good friend Shem Beverton Mukalo would put it,that ‘the devil wears underwear”.

Check a few of the most embarassing moments of Ben’s presidential campaign moments in the link below:

On the second night of the GOP Convention in July 2016 he shamelessly linked Hillary Rodham Clinton to Lucifer.Don’t forget that he endorsed Mr Trump,the loose cannon who has defied all odds to insult and bully opponents and critics as he quests to take over the Oval in January 2017.

Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen in an Op-Ed said of Dr Carson :”If Carson’s remarks were bizarre, they weren’t out of character. This was, after all, the man who left Iowa during the primary to fly to Florida to pick up fresh laundry; who compared a good Supreme Court nominee to fruit salad; and whose book tour-cum-presidential campaign collapsed under the weight of its own financial foibles. The most befuddling moment of his campaign, however, came when he endorsed Trump, a man who once compared him to a “pathological” child molester.”

Dr Ben was to tour Kenya during his presidential campaign but later cancelled.He lied about his ancestry being amongst people of Turkana..Prolly, he thought linking his lineage to Kenya like POTUS Obama who has his roots in Alego in Nyanza would increase his chances for the top job.

Kevin J Kelley in his article of the Daily Nation of Sunday December 27 2015 stated,” The retired neurosurgeon had cited that line of descent as a key reason for his planned visit to Kenya this month, which he later cancelled over security reasons he did not divulge.”I’ve had all of that traced back,” Dr Carson said.The 64-year-old politician’s ancestry was indeed traced back as part of a project led by Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates.A 2009 book by Prof Gates included Dr Carson among 19 notable African-Americans, whose roots were excavated by a team of genealogists and geneticists.DNA analysis carried out by the geneticists showed that Dr Carson “shared a common patrilineal ancestor with many of the Makua people from northern Mozambique,” Prof Gates wrote.A smaller proportion of the Makua live across Mozambique’s border with Tanzania’s Mtwara Region — which suggests that Dr Carson’s reference to Tanzanian ancestry could be correct in small measure.But his comment concerning descent from the Turkana people is almost entirely incorrect.The Turkana live in northwestern Kenya, hundreds of kilometres from Tanzania.”

Dr Carson has devolved into a pseudo-intellectual.A shell of his former self.If today you would tell me to read Dr Carson,i wouldn’t touch any of his works even with a ten foot pole.He is now a burlesque of the academy.He has gone rogue and replaced all the glory and gains he made with gibberish.

What do you think ?


2 thoughts on “The Janus-faced Dr Ben Carson”

    1. Couldn’t agree more,Jnana Hodson.A classical case of “from the frying pan into the fire.”Carson should have never dipped his toes into the murky world of elective national politics.


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