A wolf in sheep’s clothing


Sometimes you will make some sacrifices for the undeserving.You will bend for some soul thinking they’ll have some consideration to appreciate the little or much you are doing for them.But it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A while back,I met this young lady on the street. I didn’t quite pay attention to her.But she kept following me.I had to stop and lend a ear.In the next hour,she would narrate to me probably the most horrifying tale I have ever had the guts to listen.

She confided in me how her then boyfriend had convinced her to attend his birthday party.What she hadn’t anticipated was that it would the beginning of her nightmare. The boyfriend had called some pals of his.He had drugged her and repeatedly raped her.By the time she was regaining her consciousness, she was  in a strange place, locked up.

She was denied food and water for a couple of days.I could call it an abduction or kidnapping. Not sure what it really is.Her phone had been taken away.So she was down on every supply of the hope of making out of that place in good shape.

Outside she could hear her boyfriend and his friends making fun of it.Apparently, his friends had even filmed the sexual assault.

She kept wailing and cursing.After a week of such mistreatment,they let her go.When she walked out of the place,she couldn’t recognize the place.They had taken away all her possessions.Her purse, her make up kit,her cell phone.Her money.She walked out feeling wounded and dirty.She had not slept in a couple of days.She walked off the road and found a shopping stall where she talked to the lady and explained the mess she was in.The lady offered her a change of clothes, some meal and made some follow up calls to immediate family.She was given some money to get home.

It was then that we met,accidentally. She was on her way from that place to her home.So as she narrated her ordeal,she couldn’t hold back her tears.

I was moved. So I made sure she got home safe and promised her to make a follow up on her case.

In the coming days,I would assist in apprehending the boyfriend and his thug friends.After a tiring search,the guys were behind bars.The girl took STI tests.She was clean.Out of empathy, I made follow ups in the coming weeks.She was down on PTSD. Slowly,she made leaps in recovering.

Out of her interactions,some bond struck up.And impulsively, we starting going steady.All the while trying to be careful with how I handled her.

Surprisingly, she developed a bad habit of taking my stuff every time she came visiting.She would jokingly grab something each time and slip away with it on her way back.I didn’t think it mattered. She was broken. But I was afraid she was morphing into a petty thief.

After a while,she kept asking for funds.And it became frequent that I got to a point where I saw she was much of a liability. She had skinned out of control. She was intolerable.

I still didn’t find it an issue.In my naïveté, I still hang on to the notion that she was going through a lot.I got to a point that I had to give up on her.I had to end our interaction amicably.

She didn’t take it lightly,as I had anticipated.  A few tantrums but she gradually got over it.
But every time she needed something, I came to her rescue occasionally. After some time,she started seeing other guys.The effects of the PTSD were full blown.She was sleeping around. And was on a self-destruction spree.It was raising eye brows. She even attempted suicide.

It was thick.Then came the shocker.She got pregnant. And you can bet who was to be blamed on it.Yours truly.You guessed it right.Never mind that I hadn’t come into contact with her for over an year.

In my characteristic calm,I handled the matter with a lot of dignity.She had crafted a fabricated tale that is the kind of stuff in the movies. A fat lie after another.

In due time,I knew I would be vindicated. At some point, the guilt in her had blown up and she had started telling a different account to it.By now,the damage had been done.

She had a miscarriage.It was horrendous. And she came clean about the situation.She apologized. But you know some of these things you can’t undo.

My point is.Some folks will take you for granted and use you as a scapegoat when shit hits the fans.You gotta stay with your head high.Not every one is deserving of our aid.Some are out to make a meal out of you.


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