Success Of Relationships And Marriages:

Geoffrey Gitaka proposes to Faith Wanjiru at The Hub,Karen


Is it possible to have a successful relationship or marriage in 2016?Yes,it is. Is it possible to have a unsuccessful relationship or marriage in 2016?Very possible, too.

We are living in times where relationships and marriages are breaking down at an alarming rate.The latest casualties being celebrity couple actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt.

Infidelity has become a toll order in many companionships. There are a lot of unresolved issues between couples today. However, we can’t use these stinking affairs as a litmus for the state of relationships and marriages in general.My knowledge on sociology and behavioral and emotional psychology may be limited, but I am of the positive school of thought that it can be done.

It is practically possible to weather the storms of life together, overcoming obstacles and treating each other with respect. It is all about your mindset. It’s all about how you are socialized. It’s all about the kind of friends you associate with. If your bosom buddies have no problem with philandering, it will also get into your head that it’s not an issue.

The kind of partner you choose also matters. Sometimes we are emotionally blinded by another person. We fall head-over-heels in love with them that we forget to check out their character and other aspects of their being.

Sometimes we are not really conscious about what we need from someone and that is when things start going awry. Some just want sexual relations. Some just want monetary gains. Some just want company. Others want to go steady and probably elevate it to matrimony.

When you understand what you really want and what works for you, there is no reason why you should think that things will not work out.We all make bad decisions along the way. We make terrible choices. It’s life. We are human. They can be corrected. It’s all about once beaten, twice shy.
Some people choose to be single. They are happy that way. And it’s allowed. Some are in troubled relationships and lack the courage to move out of them. Probably puppy love or their inadequacies are holding them back from breaking the chains.
There are a lot of problems in our contemporary society. Times are tough. Everyone has trouble with bills, taxes, fees and a lot of other financial obligations that it is becoming harder to commit to anything else. Amidst all these pressures we are losing ourselves. We find ourselves immersed in undesirable situations. We will lust for someone else. We will make bad decisions. We will find ourselves in compromising situations. Shit will hit the fans.

Can we really get it right when others are getting it wrong? Absolutely. I have no doubt about it. I believe we can go against the grain and be the perfect examples of what we would want the world to be.
We can’t cry foul that there are bad unions allover and top it up by perpetuating it and giving audience to the negative vibe and expect that the status quo won’t dominate. A paradigm shift in how we associate with other people is possible if we make it happen.

We have many interesting love stories.We have examples even here in Kenya. We were treated to possibly, one of the most amazing surprise engagement proposals on September 2,2016 at the Hub, Karen. Geoffrey Gitaka proposed to his girlfriend, Faith Wanjiru in a classic display of superbikes that formed a heart shape. Fashion Blogger Sharon Mundia had a similar epic engagement proposal in May 2015 from Lonina Leteipan at Mt Kenya.

It can be done. We can learn to have a positive tone to it. We can surprise ourselves by being the best versions of ourselves when it comes to dealing with our life partners.


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