As a man,what do you do when a lady seems undecided on what direction your association with her should take?

In my view,the best thing to do is to make a decision that suits you ONLY.Sometimes when the girl is taking too long to make an informed choice on your place in her life,you gotta wake up and smell the coffee.

As a matter of fact,men don’t have the privilege of having too many options,unlike their female counterparts.Not unless you have money,you are a celebrity or you are a prodigy alpha male or you are outstanding in something,you fall into the REGULAR category.The category that has to work hard in wooing any lady before she yields into your romanitc overtures.

When she drags you through,”I am still thinking about it” or ”I am confused.It’s all overwhelming”,the honorable thing is to snap out of that balderdash.Truth is she is not thinking about it.Neither is she confused.You rank very lowly in her list of considerations.Swallow your pride and walk out of that mess.

When she doesn’t want to tell you to your face that you ain’t her type,she will craftily keep you second guessing.Time is running out and you have abandoned your pursuits with the aim of getting elevated by this lady.

When you are gone out of sight and she had some slightest of feelings towards you or she thought you would fit in,she will come running after you.Whatever you do with this situation is upto you.You could walk into a trap or you could stand up for yourself.

I keep thinking that the invention of ‘friend zone’ or the ‘brother zone’ was a malicious psychological tool that our women came up with so as to keep pulling the strings in their favor. As a guy in the friend zone,you will be the specimen of emotional and psychological manipulation.You will be the instrument she uses to test her craftiness.Well,you can choose to be the experiment or you can choose to be the conductor of the experiment.

What do i mean by being the conductor of the experiment?As a man,you have the biological gift of induced emotional balance,something you can use to your advantage.

“‘Playing hard to get” should never be a problem for a man worth his salt.If she is thrilled at the chase.Jump on to your next pursuit.There is nothing as confusing as when she starts thinking,”Maybe he doesn’t like me anymore,” or “Is it because i haven’t said yes?”.Self doubt in such a simple scenario doesn’t go down well with her esteem.

Forget what they tell you that they have many boys asking them out.Their OPTIONS may be unlimited but their CHOICES are always limited.That’s basic.The conundrum ladies toss themselves in when it comes to complicating a simple YES or NO decision eventually makes them the target of ridicule.You will chase her,she plays hard ball,you move on,she sees your new companion,she gets jealous,she starts stuffing your space with all manner of intrusions.She will come up with all manner of crazy things from phone calls to long ass texts to coming unannounced.It will be a full blown irruption that you can’t mitigate.Yet she had the option of making it all go away with a simple “YES” or “NO”.

My advice to our ladies is simple.Don’t be caught up in the quagmire of indecision.You complicate matters.You know what you want.Go for the jugular.There is never neutrality in matters pursuit.If you want in,say YES without flinching.If you don’t feel the vibe,kindly and courteously make him know you are not interested.Blowing hot and cold and finally being the epicenter of drama queen theatrics doesn’t solve shit.DECIDE!


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