If you flip the web,you’ll find very little resources about FIRST LADY Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta.Save for her little known education background in St Andrews Molo and Kianda School and her being born to a Kenyan Father (The Late Dr Ephantus Njuguna Gakuo Former Director Kenya Railways Corporation) and German Mom( Magdallena  Njuguna) 52 years ago ,her higher education credentials aren’t available in the public domain.

Save for a Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters awarded to her in Kenyatta University in 2014,there is little known of her profile before she became first lady.
Kahawa Tungu,a gossip tabloid run by Robert Alai hints that she lost her second born child (a daughter) hence her passion in her Beyond  Zero Campaign.

From a general angle, Mrs Kenyatta has always thrived in keeping her private life far from the public eye.Being a mother to three great children with zero record of scandalous engagements in the media ; (Jaba,Jomo and Ngina ) one would quite understand her ability to keep such privacy.
All profiles of her on government websites and internet resources have scanty details of her life as a professional or her career.
Would she succumb to a budding biographer’s obsession to have her story in print,like her husband’s “Hard Tackle” which was done by Journalist Irungu Thatiah?

Why is there little known about her despite her status as the Republic’s First Lady?


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