Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta:The Presidency

The past two weeks Kenyans have been treated to an exhibition of presidential incompetence.Graft has taken over in the public discourse.
It was lamentable watching President Uhuru Kenyatta buckle under the war against graft on National Television at the State House Summit on Accountability and Corruption.It was even worse when he resorted to assigning blame in as far as the deceleration of the war on corruption is concerned.A seemingly emotional Head Of State went on a harangue against the Office Of The Attorney General,The Office Of Director Of Public Prosecutions,The Office Of The Directorate Of Criminal Investigations,The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and The Kenya Police Service.He cited frustrations in their co-operation as far as executing their mandate in handling of graft cases.
It has been queasy watching how the National Youth Service Scandal Investigations by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee of the National Assembly are shaping up.Listening to confessions of larceny of public funds by the suspects makes you cringe in disgust.
That begs the question:Is the Presidency replete with incompetence?When the Official Opposition Leaders chide the Jubilee Duo on their mandate as far as providing leadership in handling graft,the two resort to expletives.It is this kind of clumsiness in our Presidency that makes us wish August 2017 came too fast.
The country is raging.Tax payers have had enough of the Jubilee Government’s inability to push out graft.When the Deputy President takes up the podium to rail against the state of the nation,we are left to imagination that the two top Jubilee mandarins were never ready for the job.They have continuously displayed this and it is time to accept that there is nothing we could expect better from them as we approach 2017.
When Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta took office on 9th April 2013,Kenyans had high expectations that despite them facing trial at the International Criminal Court over 2007/2008 post poll violence and other related crimes against humanity,they would deliver on their manifesto.In as much considerable progress has been made in some parts of the country,the blueprint of their manifesto is littered with unfulfilled promises.I am not sure they can deliver on them in the remaining time pria to the 2017 General Elections.
Our Official Opposition has put the government of the day in check.And that is commendable.When the Jubilee Duo promised Class 1 pupils laptops for digital learning within the first year of being in office,they switched to tablets and began rolling out the project,4 years into their first term.
We have seen incidences of extrajudicial killings skyrocket.Brutality of the police service has incremented.Just over the weekend we saw the manhandling of picketers by security officers at the Deputy President’s function in Nyeri. On Thursday,when Boniface Mwangi and other protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s lackluster approach to issues of governance and corruption,they were violently dispersed with tear gas canisters and arms by the security officers.Scores were arrested,yet we are in a country that prides in the spirit of constitutionalism where the right to protest and picket and freedom of expression is enshrined within the provisions of the 2010 Constitution.
There are just a few instances of sheer incompetence by the incumbency.It is time the presidential advisers told them that the king is naked.Kenya is being run down by fumbling systems. Uhuru and Ruto should take charge and give back the electorate who queued on 4th March 2013 to cast votes for the Jubilee Team a reason to be proud of their choice.



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