When Laikipia North MP Matthew Lekidime Lempurkel assaulted Nominated MP Sarah Korere outside Harambee House in Nairobi on 21st November 2016,soon after meeting Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery,it put on the spot light the leadership of Laikipia County.

It is not lost on us that on 29th September 2014,he was ejected from a plane at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for being a rogue passenger.He was drunk and rowdy and pushed cabin crew and broke several glasses on the plane.He even demanded to be served beer instead of wine.He has to miss out on the paliarmentary committee trip for this behavoir.

Just before the 2007 elections General Elections,he was arrested for allegedly gesturing at the area DC obscenely when he was campaigning for the Laikipia Parliamentary Seat back then.

Sometime in October 2014,he wrestled a microphone from Laikipia Woman Representative Jane Apollos at fundraiser organized by Ms Korere at the Doldol Stadium.He accused organizers of failing to give him recognition as the area MP.
In August 2015,he stormed into offices of the Ndungu Zanguni Christian Community Charitable Trust and started packing computers and chasing away staff.He was held hostage by Ol Doinyo Market residents of Isiolo for 2 days before being released in the escort heavily armed police after he surrendered the equipment and a Toyota Land Cruiser he had confiscated and fueled.

In October 2015,he demanded to be the MC at a meeting attended by then acting Lands CS Fred Matiangi citing that protocol required that he be the one to invite the minister to speak.He grabbed the microphone from County Commissioner Apollo Okello and began inviting guests.

This kind of demeanor is totally unacceptable for elected leaders.Chapter 6 of The Kenyan Constitution is very clear on responsibility and integrity of leadership specifically state officers.

Laikipia County electorate should ensure that come August 2017 they only put into office leaders who respect fellow leaders and the electorate.

There should be no place for boorish leaders who have little or no regard for anyone other than themselves.It then makes little or no sense for them to be in positions of power if they can’t use those positions for the greater good and to carry out the mandate for which they were put into office.

In March 2016,nominated MCA Rose Maitai accused some of her colleagues in the County Assembly of diverting a portion of funds set aside for projects like construction of a nursery school classrooms in their wards for their personal use.This was after the media highlighted the plight of Kaichakun Nursery School where children were learning under trees.

A corruption risk assessment report compiled by the EACC indicted the County Government of Laikipia for corruption allegation such as bribery,procurement irregularities,favoritism and embezzlement of public funds.The most notorious departments for this vices include Procurement,Finance and Economics,Land and Health.

This month, EACC Commisioner Rose Mghoi also put on the spotlight service areas such as procurement processes,employment,recruitment,promotions,revenue collections,processes,licencing,registration and medical services in the County Government being prone to corruption.In furtherance,she cited Public Service Board,Human Resource,Roads,Public Works and Infrastructure Departments as conduits of run away graft.

It is in this regard that Laikipians must start holding their leadership to a high standard when it comes to integrity and responsibility.


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