(i) Are you where you should be in life?
(ii)What do you need to do to get there?

Frankly,not many folks are where they should be in life.The targets and goals they had set for themselves,they haven’t achieved.

A good friend of mine sent me ” The Book Thief ” by Markus Suzak. I like re-reading this riveting novel. Liesel Meminger,the protagonist, embodies the strength of character i always identify with.I acknowledged the receipt of the email.However,i am yet to download the PDF.This is the kind of procrastination my friend,Jackson Biko wrote about the other day.I have mastered the art of procrastination and the result has been disastrous. Deadlines find you having done nothing.Time flies.Little gets accomplished.The result is evident in your life.You get to achieve less of what you had purposed.

You’ll look around and almost everyone you knew from either Primary School,High School or College is doing great in life and you are stuck. Prolly,you still unemployed,or you are in a lousy job or you are in a bad relationship or you are saddled in debt or you have life struggles piling on you.

I have talked of social pruning before.I have discussed at length that there is baggage you don’t need in life.There are friends who will wait for you to initiate contact,so they can communicate.That’s the social mediocrity that’s part of your stalling.You want to entertain undeserving company in your life and you’ll hold yourself back.The best thing to do is get rid of them.It doesn’t matter ‘how far you have come’ or ‘how close you used to be’.The moment they treat you as second fiddle,it is time to up your game and lock them out.Kick them to the social bin.

I’ll use a solid example that you can identify with.You’ll text them on WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Phone Messaging and they’ll reply much later or even ignore,at their convenience.Or they will not just take your calls only to resurface later with demands. Unapologetically toss them away from your priority list.Elevate other people who are adding value to your life.

You don’t want hangers-on who will keep you stagnating when you should be moving in the right direction.

It is Hellen Keller who encouraged us to keep our faces to the sunshine and we will not see the shadows.It was a call to keep focus and not get distracted even by the vagaries of the events in life.It is part of the journey of getting to where you ought to be.

Here is something you need to read:


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