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A mother will always be the best gift that life ever gave you. She could be a shock-and-awe parent or an ultimate drama queen.

But she has the patience of eternity,the wisdom of ages,the warmth of the summer sun,the faith of a mustard seed,the power of an eagle’s flight,the generous soul of nature and the depth of a family need.

She demands the collusion of her children in the myth of a happy life.Her moods could have fluctuations. She could be impatient and surly.If someone should get you struck mute,it should be your mother.Your heart should pound for her.

Celebrate her on her BIRTHDAY. Celebrate her on International Women’s Day.Celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

Mothers give up their best years of life trying to take care of you.They show hospitality to everyone without grumbling. They are wonderful.They do miracles in our lives.They help us focus ahead always.They are good stewards of varied grace.They make everyday a joy to live.

A mom is warm,charming and will long be remembered. She is lots of fun.She is entertaining and witty.She remains successful amidst the cold practices of life.She is uniquely magical.She is lively and well-rounded.

A mom is one person you are sure to cherish.She is mesmerizing, warm and vivacious.She helps you build a kingdom of dreams.She is responsible for the perfect paradise you live in.

She aims high,shoots straight and fights hard for what she believes in.Her affection,kindness and support enriches your life.Her invaluable assistance is your right arm

As a child,she knew your habits,your schedule.She knew what time you got up,whom you saw during the day and what time you went to sleep.She took good care of you.She helped you observe and learn things.

Her parental genius is deep.She is top of her game.


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