On the eve of my last K.C.S.E assessment, as is the norm of final year high school students, autographing was at fever pitch. I remember penning the words, “Acquire wings. Life is friction” in my School Captain’s “auto book.” He peeked at me in bewilderment. He must have wondered why I had chosen to use two sentences, to sum up, our interaction after four years. I looked at the messages my other classmates were writing. Some were lengthy, laced with cliché phrases on how the four years had been and how they expected the future was going to be. I maybe the only one who resorted to precise, thought to provoke cliffhangers in my final messages to my academic family of four years.

Let’s explore my message.

Hypothetically, if you see someone flying, the first question should not be: Will you teach me how to fly? Rather the first question ought to be: Where can I find a pair of wings too?

You may not know how to fly, but without wings, you won’t be able to lift off. The one with wings who doesn’t know how to fly will finally figure out how to operate. That was the message I summarized on my School Captain’s auto book.
We all want great things in life. The perfect career. The love of your life. Getting rich. Name it.

To get to this, you first need to acquire wings. Equip yourself in readiness for these great things. If you never find someone to tell you how to use the skills and resources you have accumulated, somehow the winds of fortune will reveal to you how you can use them to make all your dreams come true.

Don’t be in the business of being accepting fish. Learn how to fish. That’s why after your first graduation, you are left to wander through life. You are assumed to have been equipped fully for the battles of life. Awe unto you if you aren’t ready. You will find it rough managing in this jungle where the modicums of natural selection apply.Survival of the fittest.That’s what Higher Learning was programmed to achieve in your life.To get you in the habit of working your way through things.To make you a creator.To make you an inventor.To make you a designer.To make you a god unto your destiny.

LIFE is FRICTION.Absolutely.I have encountered the topic of Friction at least four times in my Academic Journey.It was first introduced in Class 3 Science.Then in Physics Form 2.Then in Physics 1 in my freshman year and finally in Engineering Mechanics in my sophomore year as an undergraduate.I might encounter it, again.If I ever decide to get back to a lecture theater for post-graduate studies in my profession.That is a debate for another day.

Friction is intrinsically the detrition between two bodies.That pressure that is encountered in the process brings forth some resistance.

I have always insisted to anyone I interact with, that an ideally good life doesn’t exist.And that was the original design.Life is colored with trouble.If you find yourself with minimal challenges in life, some fits in your puzzle are missing.Even the dollar billionaires have sleepless nights over their vast fortunes.They need to guard them against any scoundrels.They have to keep designing ways of keeping those possessions intact or increasing them. A street pauper doesn’t know where his next meal will come from.His anxiety is wanted too but at a small scale.

Whichever lenses you view life with, there will always be chaos.In marriage, in relationships, in business, at work.You can’t shield yourself from the downsides of life.You can’t escape the probs that you encounter.That’s why you are immortal.That’s why you are imperfect.That is why you are shrouded in inconsistencies and dissymmetry.

Listen to Katy Mcallister’s lyrics of ‘Another Empty Bottle.’

Tomorrow, as you wake up and see trouble all around it, make out with it.When you see imperfection, embrace it.Things are meant to be fucked up.That’s Why Trump is in the Oval Office.That’s why you will cast your vote to a crooked plunderer.That’s why you are glaring at infidelity.That explains your being cash strapped.That’s why you are saddled with college debt.That’s Why you have unmarked bills on your table – It was all meant to be.That’s nihilism at play.

Identify with your faults and your disquiets.Wear them like a badge of honor.


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