A cornucopia of oomph and pomp. That was what greeted me when I made way into the A.C.K. Church in Mugumo – ini, in the suburbs of Thika at around 3 pm on Saturday, 8th April 2017.

By then, the nuptials ceremony and the reception had folded up. The Master Of Ceremonies gleefully put the wedding attendants in the tents to task – dancing to some fine tunes. Everyone – donning the BEST from their closet – was in a merry making mood. Not even the mind – numbing weather could dampen their spirits.
There was a buzz of activity – the catering team cleaning up and packing up the utensils and the cutlery that had been used and carting them away to the van that had transported them to the venue.



I am not familiar with the standard order of marriage ceremonies for the Anglicans, but I kept hoping they hadn’t struck out the “You may now kiss your bride ‘’ part of the marital vows.

(I was not present when they exchanged vows. I wished I had been there).

I kept telling myself if I was the vicar, I would have emphasized on that part.

‘Yes, Martin. Do it again.’

And some kid in the congregation – amidst the crescendo of the cheering and the laughter – would hide his face with his tiny arms, because he thinks such P.D.A isn’t meant for his consumption. And may be after the wedding, when his momma was tucking him in bed, he would blurt out – ‘Mom, Did you also kiss Dad at your wedding?’, And the mom not knowing how to respond, will let out a grin, blushingly and say nothing.


Probably the bride, Mercy Gathoni had always replayed Daughtry’s ‘Waiting for Superman’ before she stumbled onto the groom, Martin Kithinji. May be they exchanged religious texts in several instances and found a common ground that welled up their hearts and it blossomed into the breath taking affection and passion they now shared.

It was all enthralling. Teeming with my former class mate as she walked down the aisle. It all like a fantasy. It was an evocative afternoon that left tongues wagging.


Capturing the joy with sure strokes and witnessing the newlyweds conveying their magical love for each other would satisfy any finicky aficionado.

It was a powerful display of a genuinely colorful story. It was entertaining. It was engrossing. It was the start of a wild ride into adventure.

It was an event covered in matchless insight into the human soul. It proved the tip of the iceberg into the intrigues of an absorbing, enjoyable union that the Kithinjis would enjoy.

The new couple bestrode the reception grounds like a colossus – having their first dance in the slight drizzles. Purveyors of superstition will tell you that it is a gesture of BLESSINGS and FORTUNES.



The BRIDE was elegant, ethereal, angelic, and exquisite. The veiled, snow white gown and the new gem on her ring finger did the trick – making her look more ravishing, moreglamorous, morestunning. The gown flattered her body and evoked her style. It couldn’t have been more perfect for her.

She, alongside the bridal shower had labored on; picking the perfect themes – WHITE, RED and BLACK – for the wedding. The bouquet arrangement, the red carpet, the creative table assignment, thegroomsmen. It all caught my eye.


What culminated the exuberance of the occasion was how Martin and Mercy brought out those belly laughters out of each other better than anyone else could, the calm demeanor of the two younglings didn’t go unnoticed. Suffice to say, they complimented each other in many ways – they carried themselves with dignity and integrity. Anyone could tell how deeply the groom adores his new wife. The way his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He exuded an aura of confidence and evidently their union will last a lifetime. He is a great man.


The guests enjoyed themselves. The dance floor was insanely awesome. The tastings were delicious. The wedding vendors, the wedding planners, thecaterers, thephotographers, the florists all did a fantastic job.

I give a toast to the new happy couple, MARTIN & MERCY .Seeing you both make promises and step into the future is so wonderful and inspring.No amount of amusing anecdotes would describe the gratitude I feel for all the effort that people put into the incredible celebration.

Watching you together is like catching a sun rise. We are witnessing the start of something beautiful. The Man Above bless you, now and always.



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