The Youth Agenda in the 2017 Kenyan General Elections – Part 2

In the Third Way Alliance – Kenya Manifesto, on Page 19 Pillar 2.4, The YOUTH Taking Government, their proposal involves inclusion of youth in 50% all appointments.

They have observed that despite the rightful numbers the youth claim to have, they have a minority political representation. They further observe that the youth have remained on lookers, by standers and cowards. They are urged to stand up and defend their interests.

It is noted that the youth have been used as king makers during campaigns and thereafter excluded from decision making organs of government. Third Way Alliance has promised that in the event they take office after the polls, they will make the youth part and parcel of government.

They have promised to implement the following measures to ensure inclusivity:

  1. Forming a cabinet where 1/3 are the youth with a view of making it a 50 – 50 cabinet.
  2. All senior government appointment will be structured to ensure that 50% of all appointments are youth,
  3. Youth will always pay 50% of the amount of nominations charged to other categories of political aspirants.
  4. Streamline HELB loans law and ensure that non- employed graduates are not bankrupted by hefty penalties.
  5. Give penalty remissions to all unemployed graduates.
  6. Establish a microfinance bank for the youth entrepreneurs in all 47 counties in collaboration with County Governments. The bank will lend the youth businesses as well as start – ups that will engage in manufacturing, merchandising and arts.

I cherry-picked the 3 Manifestos for the purposes of helping us understand why the youth agenda is very important in this election. Now go to your Candidates Blue Prints (Manifestos) and see what they have in store for the young people in your County, your Constituency and Your County Assembly Ward.

I would encourage you to interrogate your favorite Candidates on what they have planned for the youth. I would also encourage the young voters to rally behind youthful aspirants across the board. When we have young men and women in these positions, they are more likely to champion for our rights and implement more policies that are in line with the youth agenda.

Your challenge as a young voter is to look out for your own. From Gubernatorial Candidates to Senatorial Candidates to M.C.A Candidates to M.P. Candidates, ensure you rally behind those who share your ideals and dreams and aspirations in this Country.

Of special interest to me has been Ms. Suzanne Sintaloi Lengewa, an independent, 23 year old Senatorial Candidate for Nairobi County. I don’t know how many of you at 23 have such ambitions, but Susan wants to change lives of Nairobians by representing them in the 2nd Kenyan Senate.

Susan Lengewa on the Campaign Trail

I have been following her campaign activities on the various social media platforms she is engaging with the Nairobian Voters and you can see the passion she has in her Campaigns. I am not sure how she will fare at the polls given that she is up against some political heavy weights i.e. Lawyer Edwin Sifuna vying on an ODM Ticket and Johnson Koskei Sakaja of the Jubilee Party.

Suzanne Lengewa’s Campaign Poster

In my backyard – Nyeri County – there is 38 year old Mr. Patrick Maina Kairu Munene who is vying for the Gubernatorial Seat on a DP Ticket, scores of youthful parliamentary and County Assembly Ward aspirants in all the constituencies.

If you are still an undecided voter, in the few remaining days ( 20 or so ), from the list of Candidates, research on the young aspirants and in case a certain post has no such an aspirant, look for the Candidate with the best agenda for the youth. That’s the way to go.

It is your duty as a young person to ensure that your interests are taken care of by the political class.

In the next National and County Governments beginning September 2017 we must impress upon the Ministries of Youth Affairs to keep working for the young people and deliver their election promises.

Meanwhile, you can find out what it is that the current National and County Governments have done for the youth of this Country. If they haven’t delivered on all or part of their 2013 Manifesto / Election Pledges for the youth, they should be voted out on August 8, 2017.



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