Thoughts on Leadership -Why Constructive Destruction wont just go away 

By Samuel Martin Kilonzo

Why Constructive Destruction wont just go away 

Jon Schumpeter came up with a theory in the late 1890’s called “the theory of constructive destruction”. This Harvard schooled Economist argues that a sector that does not innovate its modus operandi, pursue operational excellence, adapt to new ways of doing business will ultimately be overtaken by events and rendered obsolete! His findings have been discussed and furthered by other psychologists like Malcom Gladwel in his book “the tipping point”.

The simple question then is, what characterizes a disruption? Are disruptions really a bad thing or as humans continuously try to find more efficient ways to do their value propositions, cut down on operating costs and create convenience for the end client cause sleepless nights for budding entrepreneurs. 

If you want to get into any market and realise that whatever the industry leaders are doing you can do: 

1. Better

2. Cheaper

3. Faster 

You are a potential disruptor. Disruptions are never caused by superstars because they are a product of the preexisting status quo! They are caused by nondescript individuals who dared to ask the right questions when people where tired of the ordinary just ask Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman and the young men who have come up with Revolut’, the young men whose technology if the bug catches up threatens to wipe out exchange bureaus. 

Constructive Destruction is here to stay and as Richard Bates writes in his book “Rethinking Growth” we are living in the “Edge of Chaos”. Leaders will see opportunities, they will leverage on them then they will seek to build capacity for the next tide.
Self education is more important than ever, life long learning is no longer optional it is a necessity if you are to dominate. 


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