When it is shrouded in mystery

When it begins shrouded in mystery, mostly likely they will plug the off of its lifeline sooner than you can’t anticipate.
And that’s when you’ve got to seek insurance for your emotional investment. That’s when you need a plan. A road map through the whole thing. You don’t want to be left in the middle of everything   with nothing but a bowl of disarray, regret and petulance. You don’t want to be left in the battle field with wounds and your dagger and helmet have all been taken away from you in a series of events you can’t put head or tail to.
You need to be cock sure that you will not get on trial because of that small organ in your body that beats 72 times in a minute.
That’s when you sit down and make a critical analysis of everything. You read in between their words and their actions. You dig deeper into their displayed intentions. Some may be blurred. But they will give you the clues you need. You can then piece them all up together for a credible way through it.You will be able to see the chances of surviving through the quagmire.
Truth be told the other party is heap of greatness. A decent human being with everything good you can think of. A hearty laughter. An infectious smile. Golden beauty. Brilliance. A total package she is.
When you’ve spent a considerable amount of time asking each other what you need from each other and there are no specific responses from them that point you to any particular direction, it becomes crystal clear that there is no definitive position on what you are or will be to each other in the near future.
Is there ever solutions to such difficult social situations? I don’t know. My way through it has always been happenstance. You just live a day at a go. With measured hope and managed expectations. So that nothing surprises you. So that the day the rag is pulled from under your feet you are not left off balance.
In the mean time you sustain the enthusiasm, there could be a miracle in the offing. We live in a world of the impossible becoming possible. Something you could have never stretched your mortal imagination on could occur – that’s the magic of life.


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