Giveaways from September 2017

1.Kenyan Politics are hohum

Kenyan politics is a gallimaufry of incessant lunacy.If you follow closely NASA Coalition and JUBILEE Party hocus – pocus,you will agree with me that we have lost the plot.These two political factions are mired by mandarins whose reputation is tainted with runaway graft, embezzlement of public coffers,lackluster performance and incompetence.And surprisingly,we have no qualms surrendering the instruments of power to these plutocrats with a penchant for malfeasance.

We have Jubilee Party lashing out at the Judiciary.We have the NASA Coalition’s splurge on the IEBC and other election stake holders.I am not sure we are making any meaningful progress with these kind of sideshows.
2.The counterintuitiveness of building up and tearing down

September got a few elements in my life building up and tearing down.That’s the paradox of life.You gain and lose in equal measure.I emphatically recreated my personal space.As  a practicing minimalist,I decluttered my residence.I have been trying to recover from cumulative hoarding.I found myself giving away some items. The upshot of this choice was to vivify my life.After refurbishment,I felt that I had built something refreshing.

At the same time, my path crossed with that of another .Things were scaling up.The prospects were groovy.Not until things started simmering and eventually the once blossoming association choked.All in a few weeks.At first,I did all I had to do to rescue the situation till I had to knuckle under and shut the efforts of restorability.Turns out not everything can be fixed regardless of the exertion you put to it.Maybe not everything can be restituted.I made peace with that.

 In October,you will witness the same.Some parts of your everyday life will break down as others flourish.

3.There are always parts of Movies/Music Videos/TV Shows that elude your attention during the first viewing /watching experience

I have been binge rewatching the 4 seasons of REVENGE the last few days of the month.I realized I had missed out on some important details of the script when I first watched it a few years ago.Now I have started rewatching SCANDAL and some parts of the plot seem to have faded over time.

You can try rewatching some old series and you’ll realize you have forgotten some crucial details.Rewatching will refresh your memory.

It’s my intention in the next few months to go down memory lane.Rewatch as much old stuff as I possibly can.

4.Reading is a gratifying pastime

When I am not preoccupied with the business of the day, I take some time to read.I consume lots of literature – both online and offline. The value of reading can’t be underscored.The merits are multitudinous.


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