The story of our lives

It’s the frailty of human relations. The fragility. The sensibility. The futility. The impermanence.

It’s seeing the passion in someone’s flashy cheeks at the first date and the concealed rage weeks later.

It’s holding hands at a café not wanting to let each other out of sight at one moment and walking side by side to the Gate with nothing much to share aside unconvincing small talk.

It’s looking forward to see each other at one time and deliberately cancelling a non – consensual meeting the next time.

Of course at some point we will lay claim to our inadequacies and our nature on such outcomes.

But that can’t be the story of human existence. It can’t be the modus operandi of the human mind. It can’t be the modus vivendi of the human heart. It can’t be the legacy of the 7 billion people. It can’t be a global story.

We are a people born out of love. We should be a people who live in love. We should be a people who die in love. We should be a generation that turns idealism into realism. We should be a generation that sees the rainbows in every other person they meet in the street. We should be a generation of people with big hearts.

May be my expectations of life are too primitive or over ambitious.

I have a deep conviction that we are better than our insecurities, our faults, our inadequacies. I am of the school of the thought that we can override our negatives with immortal hope. I believe that we have blood flowing in our veins for a purpose greater than ourselves.

We are a deeply divided humanity. We are seething in rage. We are torn apart by despondency. We are run down by life’s challenges. We are clobbered by life’s inconveniences. And we can’t allow those things to triumph. We can’t allow those to be the tales we tell.

We have a paradise we have created in our human minds. We have small heavens in our hearts. Those should be given precedence to succeed. Those should be our reasons to breathe every single day.

I can’t second guess my ability to be a man of the world. We all can’t and shouldn’t. We have the limitless capacity to be decent human beings who seal the cracks of our existence, who go yonder our limitations and make every impossible thing possible.

We can breathe constant HOPE, LOVE and GENTLENESS in each other’s nostrils. That is the story I choose to pen down now and forever. I choose the world. I choose happiness. I choose positivity. I choose friendship.


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