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Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s Maiden Speech

Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s maiden speech after taking the oath of office is awe – inspiring. He eloquently paid special tribute to his fallen boss before getting into the gist of his address.

His speech is weaved with a constant reminder that his administration will live up to what him and the Late Governor Dr Patrick Wahome Gakuru had purposed to deliver for the Nyeri County people.That his administration intends to set up a Service Delivery Unit (like the one run by the Presidential Delivery Unit – P.D.U. – in the Office of The President), is a show of commitment to the task ahead of implementing their manifesto and election pledges.

Of immense interest was his assurance that he would beef up his communication team to enhance delivery of services. His boss had already began doing a great job. His social media team was always up to speed updating on the activities of the Governor’s Office and promptly responding to issues raised by Nyeri residents.

It is my prayer that Governor Kahiga’s communication team will be even more efficient and diligent in their duties. He needs to be more accessible than ever before because he needs to live up to the expectations of the Nyeri electorate that overwhelmingly voted for him and his boss with the hope that they will transform Nyeri and boost our economic fortunes. He averred that beefing up his communication team will “accord regular engagement with the people they serve.”

The Nyeri Economic and Social Council that his administration intends to create will have the onerous responsibility of shaping up the Governor’s work plan. In his speech he reiterated that it “will enable us to immensely tap on diversity of ideas and experiences necessary for strengthening our fiscal framework, promoting productivity of our critical sectors, and generating the attendant benefits to the people of Nyeri.”

Another key item of his speech was the formulation of the County Integrated Development Plan which is essentially the blue print that will be instrumental in delivery of their manifesto. He highlights that it will be a “very participatory, collaborative process that will come up with plans for the various sectors, and subsequent annual development plans and budgets.”

He promised to have zero tolerance to runaway graft in what he termed as “decisively dealing with the bane of corruption and sloppiness in our delivery of services to the public.”
In most parts of his speech he delved into the flesh and substance of the programs he intends to implement – most of which were the pillars of the manifesto that Dr Wahome and himself had launched during their Gubernatorial Campaign. He is a man hopeful of continuing with the work that his boss had started when they got into office in August this year.


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