Appears To Be In Distress

Dysthymia has taken over Juliet’s life

Her law school dream crushed into smithereens

A 22 year old psyched out

She now spends her days tucked away by admonishment

You are a failure, Juliet – her mom scoffs

She appears to be in distress

James throws the wine glass at his fiancée

Judy can’t handle his blowups any more

He continues to deny the bipolar diagnosis

Judy has ditched him

She fears for her life

He appears to be in distress

Martin rants of the state’s ungratefulness

At 31 he feels unappreciated

He takes his own life

He decried of the Court Martial verdict to expel him from the Navy

I am a patriot who serves my country with honor – he tells the jurist

In his suicide note he appears to be in distress

These are symptoms of schizophrenia

The psychiatrist breaks it to Mary

There are 25 million cases likes yours globally – he retorts

Mary’s speech at 33 is disorganized

Her dressing and hygiene is sloppy

She is withdrawn and appears to be in distress

After the baby, Liz has sunk into postpartum depression

She think she can’t handle being a new mom

She wanted a daughter not this little monster

Liz feels sad to the core of her soul

She appears to be in distress

We can connect with others

And develop coping skills

If we are to maintain positive mental health

And productively salvage those who appear to be in distress


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