Let us do away with our political class

Deputy President Ruto on the campaign trail ( Courtesy: The Star Kenya )


As elections draw closer there is always heightened activity among aspirants for various seats to lure voters.

We, the people, should realize, and past experience has shown us, that politicians will not do anything for the common man yet we are all enamored and engrossed over their actions.

Let’s just ignore them can’t we? Just what have they done for us that we eagerly wait for that newspaper headline or for the TV news item showing politicians exchanging barbs.

There are very few countries where you find politicians working for the people, rather they are busy filling their pockets at the expense of the electorate. And Africa and Kenya is no different.Scandinavian politicians seem to defy the logic and in some cases there is at least some shame in the Japanese politicians who resign when involved in graft or even commit suicide.

The multi-billion shilling scams that have been perpetrated in the past 54 years have not been solved yet, and there is no hope of justice.

We have thousands glued to the media for a titillating book launch and even more gather around for political rallies, cheering the same breed of people who at the slightest opportunity will loot from you.

I don’t know why we can’t celebrate our culture, our sportsmen and women, focus on issues of the economy, employment , healthcare, poverty, infrastructure, safety and education.I wish media houses can take a stand and avoid giving front page headlines to these vicious politicians and concentrate on real issues.

There is more to life than a bunch of lying , deceiving crooks who make statements only to attract attention.

We are responsible for the change we desire and let’s not expect that some politician or political party is going to change anything overnight to make our lives better.

If they had such intentions it would have already happened. We have achieved whatever we have in spite of the politicians. The only thing that worked for us is our own drive and entrepreneurial spirit, so let’s pick ourselves, back each other and strive to make our lives better and put our country on the path to progress.

Let’s not solely focus on the elections that we lose track of other bigger and more pertinent issues.

When the time to vote comes, simply go to the polling station and cast your vote, but not with any hopes or aspiration, but a mere formality cause the conclusion is already with us.

Whoever we elect will continue to plunder the Nation and its people.


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