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Coffee Success Stories #1 : Hudson Wachira

by Wambugu

In 2004 , Hudson Wachira walked into Kangocho Coffee Factory to start off as a casual labourer. He had little knowledge of coffee farming , processing or production.14 years later , he is now an accomplished coffee farmer who harvests well over 1000 kilograms from his farm.

He confesses to having to learn the ropes mostly by himself.He had to observe and try a hand in every little trick he imagined could work for his coffee farm.

“ I was able to buy my motorcycle from the proceeds of my coffee farming. I also pay my kids’ school fees, “ he proudly says.

It hasn’t always been rosy according to him.Having to battle with fluctuating coffee prices , coffee berries attacks and frustrating weather and farming conditions.

For him, his journey to productive coffee farming had to involve best practices of farming.

He says that proper application of pesticides,fungicides , fertilizers and occasional weeding has worked wonders for him.For fertilizers he prefers CN (calcium nitrate).

Being a part of Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society has really helped him.


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