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Financial Security vs Passion



It seems the more we try to make life about the pursuit of money, the more the humiliation of tossing and turning around at night while trying to figure out how to pay bills and rent, battling unemployment and being excoriated by the world. To survive we have to work hard and afterwards too tired and too stressed to do anything else. It is very hard to create in those circumstances. Creativity is a delicate process. Often times we wonder if we should have just pursued favorable ventures for this part of our lives to obtain some degree of financial security in the next half of our lives and then transition into something else. This dilemma affects many people more than we can imagine.
Oscar Wilde said: “When Bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss Money”. That is, the ‘crosslink’ of the life we are living. Sadly you can’t do what you want. Money is too big of a problem. We are losing an entire generation of the creative class and it may never come back. People can no longer afford to starve anymore. Of course some people will make it to a large degree, others will struggle with life.You run the risk of getting into a complacent rut, investing time into something you don’t even care about. Chasing that “never-big-enough” buffer of financial security. Building up stability before chasing your dreams is equally important. But you know when to say enough is enough.
How much is financial security worth to you? Is it worth the years of that higher education? Is it those few years working for a company? Is it worth the debt you would be saddled with? You have to know when to draw the line. Do you wait when you are laid off?
Make today your kick in the butt, your line, your enough is enough. This is the time to step out and chase that dream. Figure out yours and don’t waste your life chasing a means to an end. It could be going to that School Of Business, that Music Career, that Acting Career. Randy Komisar said;” And there is a more dangerous risk of all-the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later”.

It will cost you to live your passion, but it is a worthy risk.You have to listen to your heart in a society where people listen to the mind. At the end of life, you will not look back on all the money you have made and could have made but on the passionate moments you were able to experience because of the risk you took for what you love. It is about making life beautiful with what you love and not what you think makes you better placed in society. Do you think trials could not be embedded in your life if you were to seek financial security?


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