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Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s Maiden Speech

Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s maiden speech after taking the oath of office is awe – inspiring. He eloquently paid special tribute to his fallen boss before getting into the gist of his address. His speech is weaved with a constant reminder that his administration will live up to what him and the Late Governor Dr Patrick… Continue reading Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s Maiden Speech


Tribute to my dad

My dad is the most magnificent and magical man in my life. He is, and always has been, my biggest supporter and most incredible source of inspiration. For the record, my mom’s pretty damn magical, too — but, today, I want to pay tribute to my dad and all the important life lessons he has… Continue reading Tribute to my dad


The story of our lives

It’s the frailty of human relations. The fragility. The sensibility. The futility. The impermanence. It’s seeing the passion in someone’s flashy cheeks at the first date and the concealed rage weeks later. It’s holding hands at a café not wanting to let each other out of sight at one moment and walking side by side… Continue reading The story of our lives


Giveaways from September 2017

1.Kenyan Politics are ho- hum Kenyan politics is a gallimaufry of incessant lunacy.If you follow closely NASA Coalition and JUBILEE Party hocus – pocus,you will agree with me that we have lost the plot.These two political factions are mired by mandarins whose reputation is tainted with runaway graft, embezzlement of public coffers,lackluster performance and incompetence.And… Continue reading Giveaways from September 2017


When it is shrouded in mystery

When it begins shrouded in mystery, mostly likely they will plug the off of its lifeline sooner than you can’t anticipate. And that’s when you’ve got to seek insurance for your emotional investment. That’s when you need a plan. A road map through the whole thing. You don’t want to be left in the middle… Continue reading When it is shrouded in mystery


​Remotion of Campaign Posters and Material

By Wambugu As provided for in the Second Schedule, Section 5 j (ix) of the Elections Act, 2011 and the Elections Handbook for Security Personnel by the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC), all candidates and every political party have a responsibility to remove all their banners, placards and posters erected during the election period; within… Continue reading ​Remotion of Campaign Posters and Material


Thoughts on Leadership -Why Constructive Destruction wont just go away 

By Samuel Martin Kilonzo Why Constructive Destruction wont just go away  Jon Schumpeter came up with a theory in the late 1890's called "the theory of constructive destruction". This Harvard schooled Economist argues that a sector that does not innovate its modus operandi, pursue operational excellence, adapt to new ways of doing business will ultimately… Continue reading Thoughts on Leadership -Why Constructive Destruction wont just go away